A set of cards that can be used for different use cases


Install dependencies

npm i framer-motion clsx tailwind-merge react-icons

Add util file

import { ClassValue, clsx } from "clsx";
import { twMerge } from "tailwind-merge";
export function cn(...inputs: ClassValue[]) {
  return twMerge(clsx(inputs));

Modify Tailwind Config File

import type { Config } from "tailwindcss";
const config: Config = {
  content: [
  theme: {
    extend: {
      animation: {
        move: "move 5s linear infinite",
      keyframes: {
        move: {
          "0%": { transform: "translateX(-200px)" },
          "100%": { transform: "translateX(200px)" },
  plugins: [],
export default config;

Feature Block Animated Card

Damn good card

A card that showcases a set of tools that you use to create your product.

Background Overlay Card

Background Overlays

This card is for some special elements, like displaying background gifs on hover only.

Content Card


Manu Arora

2 min read

Author Card

Card with Author avatar, complete name and time to read - most suitable for blogs.

A product by Aceternity
Building in public at @mannupaaji