Card Stack

Cards stack on top of each other after some interval. Perfect for showing testimonials.

These cards are amazing, I want to use them in my project. Framer motion is a godsend ngl tbh fam 🙏

Manu Arora

Senior Software Engineer

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Elon Musk

Senior Shitposter

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Tyler Durden

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Install dependencies

npm i framer-motion clsx tailwind-merge

Add util file

import { ClassValue, clsx } from "clsx";
import { twMerge } from "tailwind-merge";
export function cn(...inputs: ClassValue[]) {
  return twMerge(clsx(inputs));

Copy the source code


"use client";
import { useEffect, useState } from "react";
import { motion } from "framer-motion";
let interval: any;
type Card = {
  id: number;
  name: string;
  designation: string;
  content: React.ReactNode;
export const CardStack = ({
}: {
  items: Card[];
  offset?: number;
  scaleFactor?: number;
}) => {
  const CARD_OFFSET = offset || 10;
  const SCALE_FACTOR = scaleFactor || 0.06;
  const [cards, setCards] = useState<Card[]>(items);
  useEffect(() => {
    return () => clearInterval(interval);
  }, []);
  const startFlipping = () => {
    interval = setInterval(() => {
      setCards((prevCards: Card[]) => {
        const newArray = [...prevCards]; // create a copy of the array
        newArray.unshift(newArray.pop()!); // move the last element to the front
        return newArray;
    }, 5000);
  return (
    <div className="relative  h-60 w-60 md:h-60 md:w-96">
      {cards.map((card, index) => {
        return (
            className="absolute dark:bg-black bg-white h-60 w-60 md:h-60 md:w-96 rounded-3xl p-4 shadow-xl border border-neutral-200 dark:border-white/[0.1]  shadow-black/[0.1] dark:shadow-white/[0.05] flex flex-col justify-between"
              transformOrigin: "top center",
              top: index * -CARD_OFFSET,
              scale: 1 - index * SCALE_FACTOR, // decrease scale for cards that are behind
              zIndex: cards.length - index, //  decrease z-index for the cards that are behind
            <div className="font-normal text-neutral-700 dark:text-neutral-200">
              <p className="text-neutral-500 font-medium dark:text-white">
              <p className="text-neutral-400 font-normal dark:text-neutral-200">


Prop nameTypeDescription
classNamestringThe class name of the child component.
cardsArray<{id: number; name: string; designation: string; content: React.ReactNode;}>The cards that you want to render in the stack effect
offsetnumberThe offset by which you want the cards to stack
scaleFactornumberThe scale by which you want the cards to stack
A product by Aceternity
Building in public at @mannupaaji