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Agenlabs is template with Clean modern design and crisp illustrations. Agenlabs is the perfect template to get your Agency business up and running. Agenlabs powers Aceternity as well.

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Built with the latest tech stack

Leveraging the latest tech stack, this template is built to be used as a starting point for your next project.
icon Next.js
icon Tailwind CSS
icon Framer Motion
icon MDX
icon React
icon Typescript


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Built with Next.js Tailwind CSS and framer motion

A well structured template that is super easy to customize and play with.

Modern, Minimal and Clean Design

A modern, minimal and clean design that is tastefully filled with microinteractions to keep your users engaged.

SEO Optimized

Optimized for search engines, with a focus on SEO best practices.

Mobile responsive

Ensures optimal viewing experience across all devices and screen sizes.


Built with Typescript, ensuring type safety and autocomplete for your code.

Easy to deploy and customize

Easily deploy your website to Vercel, Netlify, or any other platform.

Help and support

We have a support chat where you can ask questions and get help from our community or our team directly.

Future updates

We regularly update the templates with new features and improvements.

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We have helped hundreds of founders with their website needs.

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